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Origin Story

At Indigo Star Solutions LLC, we are a team of subject matter experts with shared experiences to support business endeavors. Drawing on our extensive background in healthcare and security with government agencies, we recognized the need to leverage our knowledge to assist others in accessing the services they need.

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Your service needs are in great hands with Indigo Star Solutions.

Background in Industry

Indigo Star Solutions LLC (ISS LLC) is your trusted federal government contracting consultant business specializing in supplying state-of-the-art services to supply and meet the demands requested.  Our mission is driven by prioritizing “STAR” and top-notch service delivery with creative and bountiful solutions to resolve various contract request’s needs. 

Our backgrounds are critical to the success of our joint venture to provide excellent services to our diverse clients.

We rely on devoted specialists to provide outstanding customer services through incorporating proven tools and loyal partners. We are dedicated to first class delivery as a crucial factor to our success.

We offer expertise services combining knowledge and skills central to security, safety, emotional and behavioral health services which is critical to creating trust, guidance and support on various levels. 

We understand key Federal Government fundamental values in relation to performance, excellence, planning, budgeting, and management. All combined is essential to creating a winning opportunity to satisfy your unique contracting needs. 

Our principles are dependent on prioritizing your independent contract fundamentals by using the tools that are combined with loyalty, commitment, hard work, efficient communication, and trusted vendors that will create a successful outcome from start to finish.

Through personalized consultations, we aim to identify your specific contracting needs and provide tailored solutions to meet them. Whether you require assistance with healthcare services, enhancing your security measures or attaining necessary services and or supplies that will aid you in accomplishing your specified requirement, Indigo Star Solutions LLC is here to guide you. Explore our comprehensive range of services and let us help you navigate the complexities of governmental specifications whereby your detailed expectations are prioritized.

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